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To setup Velocity Controls, follow these steps: Maximum Duplicates — The amount of duplicate transactions that are allowed in the time frame. Editing the Reference Number and Customer Reference fields In some scenarios it can be useful to edit the reference number and customer reference associated with a transaction. Maximum Transactions per IP – This allows you to set the maximum number of transactions allowed per individual IP address per specified time period up to 24 hours or up to 7 days and whether to decline or not. Fraudulent — Displays transactions stopped by Payeezy Gateway based upon the Fraud Filters you enable. With the exception of ‘Deposits – Pending Batches’, all reports display information from the previous day by default. A five minute time value would detect duplicate transactions made four minutes apart, but ones made six minutes apart would not be detected for example.

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Quiet, lightweight and compact Faster printing with high-resolution Simple drop-and-load paper replacement Reliable performance with high-traffic design Flexible connectivity: Maximum Duplicates — The amount of duplicate transactions that are allowed in the time frame.

Internet Browser Requirements 2. For example, if a user is not permitted to make a Purchase transaction through the hsb POS interface, they will also not be able to execute a Purchase transaction that is charged within a Posiflex pp8000 usb Plan.

You cannot Re-Charge swiped posiflex pp8000 usb.

PP Aura Thermal Receipt Printer Series – Peripherals – Products

Setup on account To setup Visa Checkout on your account, follow these steps: Users posiflex pp8000 usb be given access to perform any combination of transaction types by selecting various checkboxes.

This section includes the setup posiflex pp8000 usb management of terminals, fraud filters and additional users. Depending on your browser settings you will either be prompted to Save the file to a location or Open it directly.

A separate transaction record for the void will now be listed if you search the card again. To change your default terminal type, follow these steps: Entering existing Password posiflex pp8000 usb You will be given 3 attempts to enter the correct current password.

Audit Posiflex pp8000 usb By selecting the ‘clock’ icon next to the transaction you can view its audit history.

Enter a new alphanumeric password in the fields indicated. Can use POS and transactional functions through Transactions. Plsiflex Refund If you wish to make a partial refund go through stepsbut adjust the dollar amount. To adjust the reporting date, posiflwx select different dates on the calendars.

Additional Data – Soft Descriptor Fields If you decide to use the soft descriptor posiflex pp8000 usb it is recommend you read this best practices posiflex pp8000 usb first.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide

Posifflex — Setup and manage posiflex pp8000 usb payment plans. The following transaction fields come into play when detecting fraudulent transactions. Setup for Hosted Checkout. Search for transactions If you have more than one account, select the account in the Merchant Account dropdown.

Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) User Guide – Payeezy Knowledge Base

Level 2 Allowable Transactions. Setup To setup posiflex pp8000 usb Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: Data is updated in real-time. Using a USB swipe device or card reader in the POS does not necessitate any software installation other than the device drivers, which posifllex typically installed automatically. Overview of the Sections within RPM 5. All transactions returned can be viewed in the same default manner however, pisiflex there is Level II or Level III data associated with the transaction you are presented with a rich set of output.

Velocity Controls are a risk posiflex pp8000 usb tool and not a fraud prevention tool. Entering User Posiflex pp8000 usb Incorrectly.

There is only one Merchant Administrator per uusb. When the transaction has been authorized you posiflex pp8000 usb receive a CTR response. Once registration is complete you will be provided with the following: Below are the password requirements: Access to all screens except Posiflfx.

You can then enter reference numbers manually optional. Maximum Refund Amount — The maximum dollar amount of a opsiflex which is allowed to go through. Equality check only must be full Number. The Payment Pages section houses terminals that are used in Hosted Checkout. Keep in mind that the larger the date posiflex pp8000 usb, the slower the search returns. If you are unsure of the batch closing times please contact First Data. A user’s permitted transaction types are also used for Recurring Plans.

ECI is typically used for payments on deferred orders or backordered items. Click on posiflex pp8000 usb transaction line item to expand its details. To setup a Recurring Plan by uploading file, follow these steps: ValueLink transactions will be shown in the transaction list with a “Gift Card” icon.

Therefore the total dollar amount is NOT necessarily the amount that will be settled, as declined posiflex pp8000 usb dollar amounts are included.

Example of Refunding from Transactions. A normal credit card number posiflex pp8000 usb be masked except for its last four digits; by contrast TransArmor tokens will be fully displayed as random numbers with only the last 4 digits the same as the card number. Only the Merchant Administrator us have access to these settings. You will need to contact your Merchant Administrator for assistance.

A CTR receipt will appear if the void has been approved.