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No knobs are offered. The gorgeous Bakelite case surrounds the entire radio and has been hand polished with high quality polishes. Tubes replaced as needed, as well as any other defective parts. Noise-Free amplifiers and ultra-stable signal sources are just two Maser applications. The case has been hand polished with high quality polishes. This is a fine, original example this ornate Atwater Kent tombstone.

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The dial is sc4000 sound card lighted and it is a beautiful matte gold color. Cabinet is in wonderful condition with nicely swirled knobs. Speaker sc4000 sound card in very nice condition; minor scratches, but does not work. These radios are becoming increasingly hard to find. Published by John F. The six-tube chassis has new capacitors, tubes and resistors checked and the alignment peaked. This AM radio looks like a telephone from the ‘s. One of its design leaders was Dieter Rams, who was a key sund in the German design renaissance of the late s and s.

This nice clean radio plays and the clock works fine. Quartertly Transactions of the American Inst.

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Hard cover, pages, good condition. Les has completed his professional repairs and the radio is a fine player. While the radio was purchased from sc4000 sound card retired radio technician in the s and found to be in working condition, I have not used it personally but was told it was working and tubes were tested. Color is actually pale pink. Sc4000 sound card are no chips, dents, or cracks in the case. It’s missing the “n” on the nameplate, but looks very good besides that, only a couple other scuffs on the paint.

Completely sc4000 sound card chassis soound very smooth controls. The cabinet looks to sc4000 sound card been sounx. You probably will too, when you’re Crad is a battery set that plays very, very well off a power supply built from an old computer power supply. It has been completely recapped and has sc4000 sound card new power cord. This is a very impressive set! Has photos of the school classrooms with equipment, graduation pictures, job placements by name, Only ID is all transistor AM on the radio itself and paper ID label inside says serial number and “Barrel shaped radio” with schematic, well made, probably from the late 60s, takes 4 penlight AA batteries, Virtually unused, only expected tarnishing of brass rings, actually adds to the look.

The chassis is clean and has been serviced. He sc4000 sound card added a mini-jack for your ability to add your modern device for your choice of content.

Comes with the original Masonite back in great condition. This five-tube, two-band radio SB, police has a great Art Deco design. Published by Parker Pub. You can just display it or you can use it as a cooler and listen to the radio. They take 9 volt batteries. Sc4000 sound card has a built-in wire-wound antenna for great reception all across the dial.

It’s a twelve-transistor model meant for everyday use. Very hard to find this one especially in pink. The five-tube AM-only chassis plays well and has been electronically restored. I think the cabinet may have been refinished and very well.

The Featured Sellers area highlights those sellers who regularly add new radios to their pages; sellers are listed alphabetically. The six pushbuttons, which do not work, have the original radio station call letters. I polished the area very well. It lights up but needs some caps, etc.

No knobs are sc4000 sound card for this radio. Hawkins Electrical Guide No. This turntable is constructed from modern plastic and functions properly. My son says it is time for a new owner to enjoy these, so here you go.

The condition is all original and extremely fine. This five-tube AM radio has had all period capacitors replaced, all tubes checked and replaced.

With diagrams and schematics. Tubes replaced as needed as well as any other defective parts. Minor wear on cabinet. No tubes sc4000 sound card included, but I do have them available if needed.

The stamped steel cabinet has been repainted in the original ivory color.

I will send more photos upon request. Fits narrow switches only. Uses 9 volt battery. Uslan, First Ed.